Monday, October 27, 2008

A few pictures from this week

Ryan is getting so strong, he thinks he can stand and sit up until he falls :). He loves his tummy time and has the occasional roll over. He has started to grab at things when he isn't chewing on his hands or anything else you put in front of him. Each day there is something new that makes us laugh.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Two Weeks Left

I only have two weeks left at home before I return to work. I can't belive my time at home is coming to an end. It seems like I have been away from work for so long but time has flown by. I am not sure I could be a stay at home mom but a few more months would be great. It seems like he is doing something new everyday. I never thought it would be this hard but I am sure once I am back at work and into a routine it will all be ok.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Just Did It"

I am not sure if was the power of the Nike outfit but during tummy time today Ryan figured out how to get from his tummy to his back. We finally decided to get it on tape after the third time which explains why he wasn't too happy after. Ryan got his first head cold this weekend. Not sure if it was from being outside at the USC/ASU tailgate or Ted being sick the week before, probably a little of both. We were calling him drool boy because of the constant drool now he is snot boy.

Love my hands

Ryan can't seem to get his hands out of his mouth. They say babies can start teething between 3 and 7 months. I am not a fan of bibs so I have to change his outfit 3 times a day becasue of the drool.

Ryan and Grandpa Brad

There aren't very many pictures with an expression from Ryan. I am learning that he might be as stubborn as his dad. I am in for it :) This is a great picture of Ryan and his Grandpa Brad. He is dressed in his new sweat outfit from his Great Grandpa Jack. I think they are watching football, he seams to be enjoying himself.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Perfect

Great pictures Gina, you are very talented. Thank you for taking getting great pictures of us!!

Great picture Grandma O!!!


Saturday USC played at home against Oregon (yes they won) so we packed up and headed to LA on Friday. We enjoyed an evening with Richard, Frances and the kids.

Saturday was Gameday. Ryan and I headed to the tailgate for a few hours but of course shortly after we got there he wanted to sleep. The problem with him being a tummy sleeper is that it is the only way he will sleep. So we made a bed for him on the ground. I felt like such a bad mom but he was happy and getting his much needed nap. Next time we will bring the pack and play.

Ryan doesn't like me at this moment - notice the finger :). Not his best picture.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Gina Kolsrud captured his personality perfectly!!! Gina took pictures of Ryan while we were in AZ. I will have more to post next week. Check out the Kolsrud Family Link under my favorite links. She takes GREAT photos!!!

Happy 3 Month Birthday Ryan!!!

Fun in Arizona

Ryan and I travelled to Arizona last week. He experienced his first plane flight. I think I was more nervous then he was. Of course both flights were jam packed. He did great!!
After arriving in Arizona Ryan got to meet his Great Grandparents, Jean and Charles Weleck.

Some of my great childhood memories are with my Grandparents. I was so wonderful to see them with my son, it brought tears to my eyes.

Thursday was a Ryan meet and greet cocktail party. If anyone knows my parents friends they are a great group of people and any reason is a good reason for a cocktail party. I think the number one comment was WOW he is big!!! Everyone thought he was adorable and said he looks like me (I think he looks like Ted).

Aunt Amy and Aunt Jan

On Friday my Uncle Steve came over for a visit. He couldn't put Ryan down. My cousin Brian and his wife Kassandra are expecting a girl in January. I am so excited for Steve and Marilyn, they are going to be great grandparents. Our small family is slowly growing.

We travelled to Pinetop, Arizona where my parents have a house in the mountains. They remodelled a couple of years a ago and I haven't had a chance to get up there. It was a beautiful. I only wished I lived closer so I could enjoy it. The Reynolds family from Albuquerque joined us in Pinetop for a family reunion. Ryan got to meet his Great Grandpa Jack, Great Aunt Mary, Scott, Alicia, Lee and Harriett. It was great to see everyone. We very rarely get all together. We missed Michelle and her family.

Ryan did good in the car (3.5 hours) with one stop and feed he only had 2 meltdowns. He has a new pissed off cry and he definitly was telling us he was pissed to be back in his seat. The weekend was full of relazing, family, food and drinking!!! Saturday night my mom, Harriett and myself stayed up until 2am (Kelly, the youngest crashed early). All I kept thinking was Ryan is going to wake up soon and I have to get up with him. It is crazy how your thought process changes. Luckily my mom offered to do the feeding, bad for her that he work up right after we went to bed.

Aunt Mary and Grandma O

Aunt Alicia and Aunt Kelly

The Reynolds family left on Sunday and the five of us enjoyed a day of laziness. Monday was a ride back to Phoenix which again Ryan did excellent. Monday night we took Ryan to my sisters restaurant where she works. He was so entertained by the four TVs that were showing Monday Night Football. I think we have a sports fan :). We had a great time but missed Ted and our house.